WWS Drahtspeichen: Speichen und Speichennippel vom Hersteller

Tradition and Innovation

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The spoke with the clover leaf

WWS Drahtspeichen GmbH is the only German manufacturer of wire spokes and spoke nipples to retain the full product range of vehicle spokes.

The successor to Berg-Union, WWS is fully aware of the previous firm’s longstanding tradition of manufacturing high-quality spokes in a wide range of very different designs and versions. Our commitment to quality is your guarantee of safety. Expertise accumulated and passed down from generation to generation is still being developed by us for your benefit. Only carefully selected and tested primary materials are allowed to enter production.

Chinese plagiarism in circulation

Tensile strengths and elongation of the primary materials is incorrect. This refers to types M3 and M3,5 in flat and swaged.

Visit us at the following fairs
  • WWS auf der Intermot Köln

    INTERMOT Cologne

    29th of September - 4th of October 2020

    Halle 8 / Stand E-040

  • WWS auf der Veterama Mannheim

    VETERAMA Mannheim

    11th - 13th of October 2019

    FG5 / 251

  • WWS auf der WOB Motorrad

    WOB Wertheim

    12th - 13th February 2019