Engagement and Education


The protection of the earth’s atmosphere represents a major challenge for modern civilization. As a traditional and family business, we see our commitment to sustainability as a responsibility to the environment and to future generations.

  • Suppliers certified according to EU standards
  • Purchase of green alternative energies from Greenpeace
  • Packaging material 100% biodegradable (except from straps)
  • Usage of certified FSC paper
  • Climate-neutral delivery via DHL
  • Consequent waste separation with paper recycling
  • Installation and commissioning of our photovoltaic system as of April 2019. Prospectively avoided CO2 emissions from the new system amount to 20.000 kg/year. 60% of total production facility’s energy needs can be served with the new photovoltaic system. Further alternative energy supply is planned.
  • We purchase most our wire within a 150 km limit and the rest from nearby European countries. By ordering maximum order quantities, we minimize transport emissions.
  • We have implemented an internal, resource-friendly printer concept with the latest printer technology, including sustainable filter technology. We continuously reduce our paper usage to a minimum and use only black and white ink.
  • Our entire production facilities have been converted to LED lighting.
  • We manufacture in Germany.
  • Our intelligent timing tool ensures a constantly available and sustainable heating system (also during night and weekend shifts).
  • Our regular strategy meetings always include ecological, economical, and social improvement options.


At the present throwaway society, repairing and long-term usage of commodities dramatically decreased in its importance. Raw material usage and production processes cause tremendous damages for our planet and, hence, for our livelihood.

The WWS production is oriented towards maximal durability. We are pleased to contribute with our products to a long-term spoke wheel usage. This is because, in contrast to cast wheels, components such as rims or hubs can be re-used. Either single spokes can be exchanged or the entire wheel can be newly welded and milled.

We will be glad to assist you with the appropriate repair work.


  • Zoo Neuwied (Prince Maximilian zu Wied Halle)
  • Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.
  • Advertisement events in the motor vehicle market
  • Local social events
  • Diverse vintage car events
  • Motocross cyclists such as Yannik Deitmerg (photo)

Yannik Deitmerg

Education and Training

  • Industry mechanics
  • Specialist in metal technology
  • Specialist in bearing technology
  • Merchant for office management
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